Music plays a big part in our time at WPPS. It has the power to bring people together through shared expression and enjoyment and it develops skills that are both musical as well as “extra musical”. Children have weekly music lessons from Reception to Year 6, with our specialist music teacher, as well as singing assemblies together in their Key Stages.

We believe that every child can be a musician and should have the opportunity to discover their musical potential. We have designed our curriculum to equip the children with the skills and self-belief they need to participate in a rich and varied musical life.

We work to cultivate a culture of performance, both formal and informal, in our school; our children love to perform and to listen to the performances of other children. We have many concerts in school each year, singing in our year group productions and opportunities for the children to perform outside of school.

As well as in-school opportunities, we also offer lots of musical extra-curricular activities here at WPPS. We have 2 Choirs (Y3/4 and Y5/6), 2 Musical Theatre Clubs, Musical Explorers for Year 1 and Rhythmic Kaleidoscope for children from Year 2 to Year 6.. Music is always expanding and we hope to offer even more opportunities in the near future.

Over 100 children receive tuition in a variety of musical instruments from tutors from Merton Music Foundation (for more information about instrument tuition click here).  

We love music at Wimbledon Park!

Please email me if you have any questions or comments about music

Click here if you want to read more about the power of music and its impact on the intellectual, social, and personal development of children and young people.

An Example of our Music - BBC 10 Pieces

Ten Pieces is an initiative for schools, led by the BBC, focusing on classical music and creativity.  Ten Pieces aims to open up the world of classical music to children – an inspire them to develop their own creative responses to the pieces through music, dance or digital art.

At Wimbledon Park, the music curriculum during the Spring term was focused onto the 10 Pieces project, culminating in 10 Pieces Day and the Whole School performance of “Connect It!”

A summary of the focus for each year group with some photos of work and performance is outlined below.

Reception - Mussorgsky Night on a Bare Mountain: We listened to the piece of music and imagined Jack and the Beanstalk story. We then developed a piece of art based on the changing moods of the music, acted sections of the story and made magic sleeping potions for the Giant.

Year 1 - Grieg - Hall of the Mountain King: We first listened to the music and then the children created their own stories through drama including titles such as 'The Elephant and the Jewel', The Owl and the Soldiers'

Year 2 - Adams - A Short Ride in a Fast Machine - We linked their topic on London and created collages based on the frantic hustle and bustle of London transport.

Year 3 - Stravinsky 'Firebird': We created dance sequences based on the Firebird and wrote stories exploring the creation and life of the magical bird

Year 4 - Britten - 'Storm': They linked their topic Antarctica, wrote poems and created ice sculptures and paintings linked to the turmoil and emotion created by the music of the storm. They also created soundscapes using metal objects such as kitchen forks, spoons, cheese graters, sheets of paper, vocal and body sounds.

Year 5 - Holst - The Planets: We used felt images as a starting point for writing graphic scores and painted large textured artwork in response to the music. We then filmed the pictures in time to the music.

Year 6 - Handel - Zadok the Priest: We used drama to create a scene for their production Hamlet, where King Claudius had his own PR Company who designed a cloak for a cat walk session based at an important London Hotel. The cloak was made from phrases and key words describing Claudius.

Whole school - Anna Meredith - Connect It. We have been working hard learning the different sequence of moves and will perform the piece in the playground at the beginning of the Summer Term.

We have had a wonderful time and are still buzzing from the experience!


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