Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. This is an exciting time for the pupils, who have come to the final stage of their journey through Wimbledon Park Primary School. Year 6 is made up of 3 classes led by: Miss Preedy (6P), Miss Brunt (6B) and Miss Jessop (6J). The children will also be supported by Elaine Puckey, Anne Knights, Andy Hansen, Julia Roberts and Michele Ellard.

As their teachers, it is our intention to prepare all children for secondary school by promoting: independence, resilience, leadership skills and academic persistence.  Learning expectations are set high as we strive to ensure that pupils are ‘secondary ready’ by the end of Year 6.

Some of the key events of Year 6:

  • Opportunities for leadership roles
  • Statutory Assessment (SATS)
  • Residential trip 
  • End of year performance

We look forward to meeting you over the Autumn term and are available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. We are happy for you to catch us for a chat after school or email us on the following email addresses:

Miss Preedy (Year Group Leader):
Miss Brunt:
Miss Jessop:
The Year 6 team.



In Year 6, the children are given the opportunity to develop their investigative skills and work as teacher/learner to explain their understanding of methods and their application.

English is taught daily and incorporates a range of reading, spoken and written activities and objectives. The children develop their editing and redrafting skills and focus on the use of more complex authorial techniques. The use of whole, quality texts inspires the children to write and write well.

The children will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a range of topics this year, beginning with the Ancient Mayans in the Autumn Term. As part of this topic, the children will learn about Central and South America and will design and make clay masks in the style of the Mayans. 

In the Spring Term, we will be looking at the causes and consequences of World War 2 while in Geography, we will befocusing on the impact of climate change around the world with a particular focus on the polar regions. 

In the Summer Term, the children will be studying coasts and the geographical processes involved. They will have the opportunity to apply their work on coasts on our visit to Osmington Bay in Dorset. This term, the children will also be rehearsing for their class end of year production.

Science topics this year are designed to build upon the knowledge the children have retained from previous years. Science topics include Animals including humans, evolution and inheritance, living things and their habitats, electricity and light.


Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser

In order to prepare the children for the expectations of Secondary School, a wider variety of home learning is set in Year 6.  Every Wednesday pupils receive English, Maths and Science home learning to be handed in on the following Monday.  There are a range of activities set including:

  • spellings
  • comprehension
  • grammar & sentence level work
  • book reviews
  • science revision
  • maths related to the week's learning
  • research related to the topic
  • website activities and maths games

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