West Wimbledon Primary School Partnership

An exciting opportunity has arisen for our school to support another local school, West Wimbledon Primary.

In September 2018, Mr Lufkin was appointed as part-time Executive Headteacher of West Wimbledon on a temporary basis for one year, to support the school whilst a new, high calibre, headteacher was recruited. Mr Lufkin is to remain headteacher of Wimbledon Park Primary School throughout this process. Merton Council are fully supportive of the project as are the governing body of West Wimbledon Primary School.

However, following the recent Ofsted Inspection grading the school as "Requires Improvement" the governing bodies at both schools have met and agreed that there is a need to deepen and extend the partnership arrangements beyond one year. The successful outcome of this work should lead to a rapid route back to West Wimbledon Primary School being assessed as an outstanding school, and be of long term benefit for both schools. In order to achieve this both schools will remain under the common leadership of Mr Lufkin.

The presentations and letters to parents, and the Frequently Asked Questions document can be downloaded below:


FAQs November 2018
Schedule of internal review meetings
Community information presentation Oct 2018
Letter to Parents Oct 2018
Slides from information evening Sep 2018
Letter to parents June 2018

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